Inventories can be managed, but people must be led.

Every time your public service agency loses an employee to the private sector, you’re losing productivity. An unstable workforce creates burdens on not only management, but other employees as well. Of additional concern is the setback to your year end objectives.

Good employees keep everything moving. People know where things are, how things are done, how to fix the little problems that pop up every day. When you are properly staffed, productivity is up, and the entire operation is in sync with expectations.

And while it’s OK to say that the way to achieve this level of compatibility is to hire right to begin with, the truth of the matter is that with the growing levels of uncertainty, it will be strong leadership that keeps government employees on the job, and not seeking employment elsewhere.

Make Leadership Training Count

Real Life Training Group is different then any other Leadership Organization you are ever going to run across. For one, we know the limitations of words written on paper. Being from the Public Sector ourselves, we know that unless supervisors have the opportunity to practice and test the ideas, they remain on the shelf – collecting dust.

We believe in dialog and hands on practice. The type we conduct in our workshops. Our workshops are often blue jean workshops, far away from the city, the phone, and the boardroom. We talk – we don’t lecture. We listen and we storyboard actual case examples – your case example. We take real situations and we discuss, looking for solutions.

If this sounds like the type of Leadership workshop you could get into, then it starts with a simple phone call to 541-778-0581