When asked, qualified healthcare workers cite – stress leading to burnout, unreasonable patient demands, and mismanagement as the prime reasons for leaving the healthcare field. The real problem, however, is the failure of management to recognize these issues beforehand and to take steps to fix them.

Lessons learned from the healthcare industry are applicable in the private sector. What isn’t transferable is the stress healthcare workers face. And for that – the private sector should be thankful.

Why is stress a critical issue for your organization? Every day, your healthcare staff faces problems that stretch every emotion to its breaking point. Stress from all levels is cited as the number one reason why healthcare workers leave the profession altogether.

But stress is not the only cause for the shortages facing the healthcare field. Other reasons cited are mismanagement and unreasonable demands by both patients and administration.

  • More than 90 percent of long-term care facilities lack sufficient staff to insure quality care. An estimated 900,000 nursing aides alone will be needed by next year.
  • A survey of healthcare workers, found that an estimated 30% are seeking employment is unrelated industries.
  • Eighty-nine percent of hospital CEOs reported significant workforce shortages.
  • When surveyed, many administrators acknowledge the problem exists in their organization, and that they are actively seeking assistance.

If your organization is at this cross road, now is the time to call.

The question you face today is how to stop the bleeding.

The solution lies somewhere between motivation, conflict resolution, and retention solutions. In our workshops, retreats, or team building seminars, Real Life Training Group works with your leaders in developing solutions specific to your requirements. Of equal importance are the instructions and workshops on recognizing and alleviating stress.

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