Our Network

We are an emerging woman-owned, veteran-owned small business that is a trusted consultant partner to Federal, State, and Local agencies as well as select corporate and non-profit enterprises.

Joseph Bailey

Senior Consultant

Joseph is a coach, trainer, organizational development consultant, and facilitator who has 35 years of experience that ranges from On-the-Job Training of air traffic controllers in the Air Force to executive coaching for leaders in multi-national companies.

Jon Lange

Senior Consultant

Jon Lange is Professor of Communication at Southern Oregon University where he teaches and conducts applied research in organizational communication, leadership and dispute resolution. For over 25 years, Jon has worked extensively with federal resource management agencies.

Jeff Golden

Consultant, Senior Facilitator

Jeff Golden has been involved in organizational development and group process since his service as a Jackson County Commissioner (1987-1991), where he earned statewide recognition for collaborative solutions to timber worker displacement and substandard air quality in the Rogue Valley.

Margie McNabb

Consultant, Senior Facilitator, Senior Coach

Margie McNabb is a Certified Professional and Executive Coach, Professional Trainer and Facilitator. Her experience includes extensive leadership in statewide collaboration for systems reform in the social service arena, which required the ability to manage complex agency restrictions, agendas and performance.

Richard Whitley, Vice-President

Vice-President, Senior Consultant

Rich Whitley’s experience as a Government executive included confronting and resolving complex public issues in natural resource and energy development while working with diverse public and private sector interests.
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Reese Fullerton

Senior Consultant

A professional lifetime of focus on public policy effectiveness involved in implementing federal and state laws, assisting agencies and communities to be more participatory in decision making processes leading to more durable decisions.

Anthony Cavallo

Consultant, Senior Coach

Anthony’s expertise includes needs assessment, program design, delivery, evaluation of learning initiatives, and coaching for improving the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations.  He works with Fortune 100 companies, professional firms, Federal and State agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

David Scottow

Senior Consultant, Senior Process Improvement Engineer

Dave Scottow is a senior consultant at OpEx who uses his advanced skills in leading, teaching, and mentoring in all aspects of business and process improvement. In his work with OpEx clients the past four years, he has helped organizations examine their business processes through the lens of customer value.

Sharon Lawrence


Sharon is known for her organizational wizardry in creating order from chaos in fast-paced, expanding business settings. She has worked in business of all sizes using her abilities to make sense of system and infrastructure needs to create efficiencies throughout the enterprise.