Training Catalog

This is the Real Life Training Group 2010-2011 Training Catalog

Satisfied Training Clients

“The course development and resource materials were tailored to my team and are excellent for continued growth and reaffirmation of learned skills and techniques.–USFS, Region V

“Comments for Timeliness of Performance: Real-life managed both sessions with us extremely well. The second session was at my office and achieved the desired outcome which included the daily interruptions under a very tight time line, my hat is off to them. I asked a lot of them and they delivered.

Comments for Effectiveness of Management/Business Relations: Real-Life was very responsive to the direction and outcome we wanted. Restructuring of the executive branch of the leadership team and the resource advice/counsel branch.

Comments for Customer Satisfaction: We will continue to work with Real-Life. We are very satisfied and I can only speak highly of their openness and their understanding of when to step in or step back.