What We Do

Our facilitation method is a powerful approach to teaching and learning. Facilitation is hands on and guided as opposed to a lecture-based, teacher-centric classroom. Group members are taught using a combination of instruction and actual practice

Real Life Training Group coaches are:

Specialist in Reflective Leadership development, with emphasis on:
• Fact Finding using our “Inside Insight” system
Situation Based Consulting
• Strategic planning

We work with your teams to move into conflict resolution using:
• Training
• Team Building Workshops
• Conflict Transformation
• Facilitation,
• Transition Management Training
Executive Performance Coaching

Through our Leadership Workshops, your management teams are first trained to lead and then – how to pass on that training to the other members of your organization.

The results of our methods are realized immediately.

Leadership Training through Real Life Training Group provides:

• Leadership behavior determination, researching the best style to generate results
• Setting goals and communicating them effectively.
• Cross function tasking
• Developing high-performance teams using learned leadership skills
• Training in effective communication

What your Managers walk away with.

• Understanding leadership style and the situation
• Acknowledgment of the importance of vision in aligning team performance
• Integration of leadership and management requirements
• Understanding of the leader’s role as motivator and coach
• Ability to distinguish between, and develop the four team types
• Understanding of the core principles that make teams work
• Diagnosing work-teams, a develop work-team simulations