We can offer a solution, and it starts with a single word - "Leadership." --Joan Resnick – CEO,RLTG

We’re different

Real Life Training Group is different then any other Leadership Organization you are ever going to run across. For one, we know the limitations of words written on paper. Being from the Public Sector ourselves, we know that unless supervisors have the opportunity to practice and test the ideas, they remain on the shelf – collecting dust.

We believe in dialog and hands on practice. The type we conduct in our workshops. Our workshops are often blue jean workshops, far away from the city, the phone, and the boardroom. We talk – we don’t lecture. We listen and we storyboard actual case examples – your case example. We take real situations and we discuss, looking for solutions.

We develop solutions

Today’s solution lies somewhere between motivation, conflict resolution, and retention solutions. In our workshops, retreats, or team building seminars, Real Life Training Group works with your leaders in developing solutions specific to your requirements. Of equal importance are the instructions and workshops on recognizing and alleviating stress.

If this sounds like the type of solutions you could get into, then it starts with a simple toll free phone call to 1-541-778-0581.